Made for
by Photographers

2015 TIPA AWARD Best Accessory
2019 TIPA AWARD Best Professional Tripod

We won the Tipa Award twice!
Once for our revolutionary
Ballhead Design 2015 and again
2019 for our unique Tripod with
included leveling Base.


John G. Moore

“As a professional I have used many ball heads, but nothing has fitted my shooting style as well as my Uniqball. It is an excellent product.”

Khai Nguyen

“Your Uniqball ballhead is amazing! All of my photography friends (20+) have switched to Uniqball, by words of mouth. It’s compact, light, steady, easy to use, great for travel, etc. An awful design. Keep up the good work!”

Kata Kőműves

“Taking pictures in the nature or in a theatre?

I would never go somewhere without it!”

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